U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent (PA-15) today cited yet another group that considers the proposed carbon emission trading plan before Congress to be an economic disaster in waiting for Pennsylvanians – commissioners of the non-political Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission.

Congressman Dent cited a letter sent to the Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation by PUC Vice Chairman Tyrone Christy, Commissioner Kim Prizzingrilli and Commissioner Robert F. Powelson. The commissioners cite their concern that proposed federal carbon legislation could harm the economy of Pennsylvania and other coal-reliant states by choking off jobs and drastically raising Pennsylvanians’ utility bills.

“I share the interest and belief that this country must and will eventually become less reliant on fossil fuels, particularly those that we import from unstable parts of the world,” Congressman Dent said. “However, the proposed ‘cap-and-trade’ legislation is going to force increases in utility bills at a time when Pennsylvanians can least afford it. Around the country, millions of jobs would be lost due to lack of affordable, reliable energy. I share the concern of these PUC Commissioners that we must refrain from federal legislation that will punish consumers with staggering, high energy costs. These costs to consumers will far outweigh any long-term societal benefits.”