“This solid, modest budget agreement represents significant progress in demonstrating to the American people that Congress has the capacity to govern.  The agreement means that the potential threat of another looming government shutdown is largely eliminated –not only this year – but next year as well. This is important because certainty, predictability and stability are a foundation upon which economic growth can be built.

           The Agreement advances efforts to reduce the deficit and the debt, but it does so in a more responsible and balanced way than the indiscriminate Sequester cuts. In fact, total deficit reduction derived from this agreement is actually $23 billion more than would be achieved under the Sequester alone.

           It’s time that Congress returned to the “regular order” approach to accomplishing the business of the American people. Is this an earth-shattering grand bargain? No, but it does represent an important bipartisan understanding that in a divided government, where no one party controls both the legislative and the executive branches, progress must be incremental and compromise is necessary to keep the nation functioning. In that regard, this is an important agreement.”


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