ALLENTOWN, PA -- On Friday, the United States allowed the U.N. Security Council to adopt a resolution that Israel cease all settlements in the West Bank, as well as East Jerusalem. Congressman Charlie Dent (PA-15) released the following statement, condemning the actions of the Obama Administration: 

"Congress has repeatedly stated that only direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians must be the basis for security and lasting peace. Make no mistake, President Obama's abstention on the U.N. Resolution is a major setback for peace. Even worse, this abstention is an extension of this President's hostility toward Israel and more specifically his personal disdain for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu," Dent said. 

"As bad as this all is, the President's action should surprise no one," he continued. "His abdication from America's traditional global leadership and security role--coupled with a disturbing, dangerous global disengagement and detachment that has created political vacuums--has led to the ascendency and empowerment of Russia and Iran, while leaving longstanding American friends and allies bewildered and dismayed."

Rep. Dent concluded by adding, "Tragically, President Obama leaves office with a lasting foreign policy legacy that will lead to greater global instability and will haunt America and its allies for years to come." 

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