Congressman Charlie Dent (PA-15) has signed on to two resolutions in response to the current conflict between Israel and Hamas.  The Congressman co-sponsored legislation introduced by Congressman David McKinley (WV-1) “condemning the murder of Israeli and Palestinian children in Israel and the ongoing and escalating violence in that country.”


Last month Congressman Dent signed on to a letter that Congressman McKinley wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry concerning the kidnapping of three Jewish teenagers. The young men were murdered by their captors. Shortly thereafter, a Palestinian boy was murdered in alleged retribution. The murders of children must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.


Dent also signed on to a resolution offered by Congressman Steve Israel (NY-3) and Congressman Tom Cole (OK-4) stating that the United States supports Israel’s right to defend itself from Hamas’ unprovoked rocket attacks.


“As Israel faces a flurry of hundreds of rockets launched indiscriminately into its borders, it is appropriate to let our ally know that we stand with them and support their right to defend their citizens,” said Dent. 


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