WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent (PA-15) stated his opposition to President Obama’s proposal to bill third-party insurers of service-connected veterans for the treatment of a disability or injury incurred in the line of duty.

“The United States government must honor the moral and financial responsibility we have to our veterans who are wounded in the service of this nation,” Congressman Dent said. “I share the concern to find ways to trim the federal budget, but this proposal is misguided. For an Administration that has borrowed and spent more than $1 trillion in two months, and now proposes a budget of $3.9 trillion more, this plan which will jeopardize the care of our wounded warriors demonstrates misplaced priorities.

“The American Legion and other veterans’ groups oppose this proposal, and with good reason. The cost of freedom has been paid by these veterans. The cost of treating their service-related injuries should be borne by the government that sent them into harm’s way. ”