(Washington, D.C.) Representative Charlie Dent (PA-15) addressed a gathering of advocates, scientists, doctors, fellow legislators, and leaders in industry and academia at the Capitol today as part of National Cancer Prevention Day.

The annual event was organized by Less Cancer, a nonprofit organization focused on increasing public awareness of the value of risk reduction and prevention as important means to curtail the disease.

Rep. Dent served as the Elsie Hillman Speaker for the morning’s event. The late Mrs. Hillman, a native of Pittsburgh, and her husband Henry, have provided substantial support to cancer research and prevention programs.

Dent, who serves as the co-chair of the House Cancer Caucus and of the Skin Cancer Caucus, noted how honored he was to serve as the Hillman Speaker.  “Elsie dedicated so much of her life to improving the lives of others and enhancing health care initiatives and research,” he commented.

During his remarks, Rep. Dent emphasized the need for bipartisanship in the battle against cancer.  “It’s been an encouraging sign to see how much shared support there is here in Congress across both sides of the aisle for cancer prevention, treatment, and research programs,” noted Dent.  “I’ve been astounded by how many of us have personal accounts to share about cancer affecting family, friends and loved ones who are closest to us,” he observed.

Dent also addressed the need to provide funding for the ongoing searches for cures and treatment regimens. “Through my work on the Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee I’ve focused on supporting robust funding for cancer research and prevention programs that will allow us to continue making progress in this field.  Last year’s appropriations bill provided a $2 billion increase for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and as we prepare for Fiscal Year 2017, I will once again work to ensure that this critical funding is provided for efforts that can make a true difference going forward,” Dent vowed.

Representative Dent, who has lost both his father-in-law and brother-in-law to cancer, thanked Bill Couzens, Tom Sherman, and the rest of the Less Cancer team for extraordinary efforts in bringing together this event and for their work. 

“I continue to be inspired by the progress that we’ve made in recent years toward getting closer to our ultimate goal of preventing cancer once and for all,” he concluded.

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