Representative Charlie Dent (PA-15) was recognized by the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau at an event in Lebanon County Wednesday.

Dent was named a “Friend of the Farm Bureau” during a visit to Wen-Crest Farms in South Lebanon Township. The Wenger Family was kind enough to arrange a presentation for Representative Dent and for his colleague, Representative Jim Gerlach (PA-6).

“Agriculture is a vital part of not just the economy of Lebanon County and of the Commonwealth of PA, but of our way of life.  Too many in Washington lose sight of the challenges facing the men and women who put food on our tables.” Dent said. "I am honored to be recognized for my work to ensure the voices of farmers in our community are heard in Washington and I will continue to fight against burdensome federal regulations that unfairly target Pennsylvania agriculture," Dent concluded. 

The “Friend of the Farm Bureau” designation is given to legislators who have supported Farm Bureau issues as reflected by their voting records. In order to be recognized legislators also need to be nominated by their respective state Farm Bureau and further approved by the Board of Directors of the American Farm Bureau Federation, according to Kristina Watson, Director of Federal Government Affairs for the Farm Bureau.

Representative Dent has received the designation for three Congresses in a row (the 111th, 112th and now the 113th).


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