Veterans Administration (VA) Secretary Eric Shinseki is an honorable man. He showed great courage fighting for his country during the Vietnam War. He displayed superior leadership skills as an officer in the United States Army and outstanding organizational skills when he rose to become Chief of Staff of the Army.

Even with all of those abilities, this good man was not able to oversee what has become an impenetrable VA bureaucracy.  General Shinseki did the right thing by offering his resignation.

Now it is time for the VA, the President, and Congress to begin work on necessary systemic reform to ensure veterans receive the care they deserve. We need to give veterans the ability to access healthcare providers and facilities of their own choice, in a manner and time convenient to them and in recognition of their specific health needs.  Simply stated, we must better integrate the civilian and veteran’s health care systems, particularly for aging veterans, many of whom are struggling with non-service related ailments.

I will work to make these reforms a reality; let’s start with a “Veterans Health Care Bill of Rights, Veterans Choice.”


Contact: Shawn Millan (610) 770-3490