Today I supported bipartisan legislation (H.R. 325) requiring Congress to pass a budget by April 15th.  Failing to pass a budget will result in Members of Congress losing their salaries for not meeting their mandated duty and most basic responsibility.

Members in the Chamber that fails to pass a budget will go without pay until they do so.

It is a disservice to the American People and a failure of leadership that the U.S. Senate has not passed a budget in over three years.  It should be noted that the No Budget, No Pay proposal, which I have co-sponsored, is the chief legislative priority of the No Labels “Problem Solver” Group of which I am a member. In fact, just last week we met to discuss this and other ideas.

It is interesting that just the announcement of this legislation being introduced has spurred the Senate to declare its intention to pass a budget. That is progress.

Importantly, I supported this legislation because it protects the full faith and credit of the United States by extending the debt ceiling for three months.

Additionally, I believe that a regular order budget process will lead to greater transparency and more honest discussion between the parties about how to control government spending.


Press Contact: Shawn Millan

(610) 770-3490