(Washington, D.C.) Representative Charlie Dent released the following statement regarding the Supreme Court’s King vs. Burwell ruling:

"Although the exchange subsidies included in the President’s health care law have been upheld as Constitutional, there are still many flaws in the law that need to be addressed by Congress and the President.  For example, the House just passed the repeal of the medical device tax by a veto-proof majority.  This tax stifles innovation and has directly led to job losses and  less American economic investment.  It is also critical to return to the 40 hour work week instead of the 30 hour work week under the President’s health care law.  This change in the definition of full-time work has led directly to the reduction of hours for many Americans, including many in the 15th Congressional District.

It is time for some of my Republican colleagues to recognize that, as long as there is a President named Obama in office, his health care law will not be repealed.  Conversely, the President should recognize that the law has many flaws and he should work with Congress to address the most harmful aspects of it.”

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