Congressman Charlie Dent (PA-15) issued the following statement after learning that the NCAA was dropping its efforts to control the $60 million fine imposed on Penn State University as the result of a consent decree.

“Although the Commonwealth Court is still questioning the legality of the NCAA’s fine, today’s news represents a victory for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, both for our efforts to prevent the scourge of child sexual abuse and deal with the unthinkable damage it causes and for taxpayers.  

In November of 2012, I led an effort by the U.S. House Pennsylvania delegation to demand that the fine monies remain in Pennsylvania.  As we noted in the letter at the time, we strongly believed that those funds should be used solely for programs and organizations located in the Commonwealth – not for NCAA President Emmert to use as a goodwill slush fund. These funds can be used now to support Child Advocacy Centers (CACs), for instance, which can deliver vital resources in recovery assistance for the victims of child sex abuse.

I want to thank my Pennsylvania colleagues who joined me in this effort, especially Congressman G.T. Thompson (PA-5), and to applaud the efforts of state Senator Jake Corman, state Treasurer Rob McCord, and Governor Tom Corbett for courageously taking this fight to court in order to benefit at risk Pennsylvanian children and also to hold the NCAA accountable.”

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