Once again, the President’s administrative action further calls into question his credibility on the unfolding implementation disaster of the health care law.

When the reality of the staggering flaws in the law began to sink in with the country, President Obama did an end-run around Congress and delayed the employer mandate.

The House then voted to delay both the employer and individual mandates. President Obama tried to turn us into villains for our necessary actions and said he’d veto both bills.

Now, the reality of millions of Americans losing their insurance as a result of this flawed law has caused President Obama to partially delay the individual mandate.

The Senate should immediately take-up the House passed bills on the delays to the individual and employer mandates and pass them. President Obama then needs to sign them.

We are not a country ruled by fiat from the White House. It’s time that President Obama recognized the restraints that the constitution places on his power.

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