(Allentown, PA) – Representative Charlie Dent (PA-15) released the following statement today regarding the Repeal of the NCAA-PSU Consent Decree:

I want to thank State Senator Jake Corman, who, assisted by State Treasurer Rob McCord, showed great leadership in bringing us to the resolution announced today.

I’m pleased to see the $60 million remain in the Commonwealth, something I have advocated since November 2012. Penn State’s distribution between assisting current victims and establishing an endowment for education, research, and prevention will go a long way to prevent further abuse of children.

I’m very happy for the student athletes whose efforts, resulting in 112 victories on the field during the time period in question, will again be officially recognized. I’m also pleased for the Paterno Family and the legacy of Joe Paterno, a great man who dedicated his life to student athletes and the University.

The University, many innocent student-athletes, and support staff were denied fundamental due process and had their reputations severely damaged. The NCAA manipulated their procedures to secure a predetermined outcome for a purely criminal matter.

This resolution will move the process forward, but I cannot accept that the NCAA acted in good faith when it carried out the original Consent Decree and sanctions against Penn State. It is time to hold the NCAA accountable for its severe misuse of its authority when they acted outside their bylaws against Penn State, an institution that for decades has represented the ‘gold standard’ of NCAA rules compliance and academic integrity for Division I Athletic Programs.

I will need time to review the details of this agreement. However, I do believe it is now time for Congress to investigate the NCAA, an organization that is incapable of reforming itself. Moreover, a Presidential Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics must be established to refocus the governance of college sports on the academic achievement, health, and safety of student athletes. Sadly, the NCAA has failed miserably in this most basic and fundamental responsibility.

Finally, Penn State continues to be a model university, consistently graduating at least 88% of its student athletes while maintaining its reputation as a top 50, world renowned institution. They have weathered the NCAA’s overreach and will continue to serve its students to the highest degree.

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