(Lehigh Valley, PA) The people of Bethlehem commemorated their city’s 275th Anniversary today with a Community Celebration.  Representative Charlie Dent (PA-15) was in attendance and delivered a copy of the statement he entered into the Congressional Record to mark the occasion.

Representative Dent’s entry reads as follows:

[Mr. Speaker:

In 1741, 275 years ago, a small group of Moravian settlers founded a community along the banks of the Monocacy Creek in an area about 60 miles north of Philadelphia.

In recognition of their faith – and in the hope that they were establishing a community that would stand the test of time – they named their settlement Bethlehem.

These Moravian settlers chose an excellent site for their settlement. Bethlehem quickly grew to become an important hub for commerce, industry and learning. It remains so to this day, and continues to evolve with the times while still retaining strong ties to its heritage and founders.

Bethlehem also remains a rich melting pot and serves as a shining example for other cities.  Many of its citizens share a connection to the former Bethlehem Steel plant, which was once the number two steel producer in the United States.  While time and circumstances resulted in Bethlehem Steel’s closure, the people of Bethlehem have proven themselves to be as resilient and strong as the steel they forged. The City has continued to prosper, and it consistently appears on lists of the best places to live in the country.

Now with a population over 75,000, a diversified industrial base, and a unique blend of culture and commerce, Bethlehem is celebrating its 275th Anniversary.

Mr. Speaker, it is an honor for me to serve and represent the people of Bethlehem, and I offer them my sincerest congratulations on their numerous achievements over the course of their city’s long and storied past. May their city long continue to grow and to prosper.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.]

Dent presented a plaque of the text to Bethlehem Mayor Bob Donchez at the celebration.


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