Congressman Charlie Dent (PA-15) voted for H.R. 803, the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act, in the House yesterday. The bill received overwhelming bipartisan support, passing 415 to 6.

The bill streamlines job training for individuals by eliminating duplicative programs. It will also make certain that job seekers receive training that matches the actual needs of employers.

H.R. 803 also contains provisions to improve employment opportunities for those with disabilities.

“I’m glad the House acted and passed this commonsense bill,” Dent said. “The  current job training programs are a bureaucratic spider web of redundant programs and difficult to navigate bureaucracies. Unfortunately, the training provided often fails to adequately equip individuals with the skills actually in demand in their local labor market,” Dent noted.

“With this bill, we will be cutting the red tape, improving the effectiveness of training received and eliminating duplicative programs. It’s good news for workers looking for the training they need to get better, higher-paying jobs, for businesses looking to meet their labor needs and for the taxpayer who wants the government to run programs frugally and efficiently. I was proud to support this bill,” Dent concluded.


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