U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent (PA-15) last week authored a letter to the Inspectors General of several federal Departments and Agencies requesting a full investigation into whether climate research supported by federal tax dollars had been manipulated to achieve preferred results. The letter, signed by 40 Members of Congress, was sent in response to the recent exposure of email communication that suggests scientists had tampered with research results.

“It is imperative that we ensure the scientific integrity of all federally-funded research,” Congressman Dent said. “Climate studies produce information that affects the development of a wide variety of federal policy. When considering legislation with dramatic impacts on the American economy, like the already contentious cap-and-trade bill, Congress must have total confidence in the findings of taxpayer-supported research.”

The letter calls for five Inspectors General to immediately investigate if federal agencies confirmed the scientific and academic integrity of the studies in question when awarding federal grant money for climate research. Additionally, the letter urges the Inspectors General to use their power to preserve any evidence involving the controversial email exchanges and determine if the now dubious results may have influenced federal rulemaking processes.

“I am concerned that world leaders and scientists are gathering in Copenhagen this week to potentially develop global climate treaties at a time when the international community is questioning the legitimacy of leading climate scientists,” Congressman Dent said. “Unfortunately, the revelation of these deceitful emails has tarnished the credibility of significant scientific research.”