WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent (PA-15), a member of the House Committee on Appropriations, today voted for H.R. 2055, the Fiscal Year 2012 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act. The measure, the second of 12 annual funding bills to be considered by the House this year, provides $72.5 billion in discretionary funding for programs that benefit military personnel, veterans and their families.

“H.R. 2055 is the type of legislation the American people expect Congress to produce,” said Rep. Dent. “As a nation, we have a responsibility to provide the highest quality housing, training and medical facilities for our service members and guarantee our veterans receive the benefits and care they’ve earned. I voted for H.R. 2055 because it saves tax dollars without compromising the needs of our military personnel and veterans.”

Notably, H.R. 2055 includes $378 million for Military Family Housing Construction to complete 48 new family housing projects, replace 80 dwellings and improve over 200 existing units. The bill also provides $1.1 billion in funding to construct or enhance military medical facilities around the globe. A portion of this funding will be used to replace a hospital in Landstuhl, Germany that treats members of the Armed Forces who are wounded while serving abroad.

Additionally, H.R. 2055 contains $127.8 billion in funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to fully fund VA compensation and benefits, education benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and housing loan programs. Furthermore, the bill includes $45.8 million in funding for the Arlington National Cemetery (an increase of $700,000 from FY11 levels) to address years of mismanagement that led to hundreds of cases of misidentified or misplaced remains.