Representative Charlie Dent (PA-15) addressed a group of 300 educators and educational professionals at the Pennsylvania State Education Association’s biennial Political Institute meeting.

       Dent used the opportunity to call on the Senate to take up reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Dent cited a Harvard report indicating that American students ranked 25th in the world in math, 17th in Science and 14thin reading. He noted that the last major reauthorization of the Act was in January of 2002 when President Bush signed the “No Child Left Behind Act.”

       “It is undeniable now, after twelve years, that reform of ‘No Child Left Behind’ is necessary,” said Dent.

       Representative Dent observed that the House took an important first step in the effort by passing the “Student Success Act” in July of 2013. “This bill is not perfect, but I do believe that it makes a number of important and positive reforms,” Dent offered. He stated that the House-passed bill moves away from a micro-management oriented approach towards dealing with education issues. 

       Dent told the gathered educators that “in general, the bill restores state and local control over the education of our children, which ultimately, I believe, empowers parents and you.”

       “In my family’s experience, when it comes to our children’s educations, it always boils down to the triangle of educator, student and parents. The more we can do to strengthen that nucleus, the better,” said Dent.


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