(Washington, D.C.) Representative Charlie Dent (PA-15), Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee for Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, applauded the unanimous Senate confirmation (100 - 0) of Dr. David J. Shulkin to be the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Dr. Shulkin has served in the VA as the Under Secretary for Health since 2015, and has a number of ties to Pennsylvania’s hospitals and health networks gained through his prior experience. 

“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Dr. Shulkin throughout his tenure at the VA in my role as Chairman of the House Appropriations MILCON-VA Subcommittee, and I look forward to working with him in his new capacity to address the issues facing the VA and provide the best care possible to our veteran community.  I believe Dr. Shulkin is well qualified to lead efforts to implement the numerous reforms needed to address the issues that have plagued the VA and hampered the delivery of quality care to our veterans,” said Chairman Dent. 

“Dr. Shulkin’s commitment to expanding greater access to care in local communities demonstrates his realization that the VA needs to embrace change in order to provide the consistent, sustainable care and benefits that our veterans have earned through their service. I stand ready to partner with Dr. Shulkin to improve the care and treatment our veterans receive from the VA and bring further accountability to those individuals or programs that inhibit best practices. There are times when the change needed by an organization can be found from within, and I congratulate Dr. Shulkin on his appointment and confirmation to lead the VA into its next chapter,” Chairman Dent concluded.


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