WASHINGTON, D.C. - Representative Charlie Dent (PA-15) supported the passage of HR 3364, Countering Adversarial Nations Through Sanctions Act, today. The measure passed the House today with broad, bipartisan support.

“This legislation sends a loud and clear message that Congress will not tolerate those who seek to harm Americans, our institutions, our way of life, and American interests abroad,” said Dent.  “This is especially true for Vladimir Putin and Russia – whose interference in our elections, a fundamental democratic undertaking, must be strongly condemned,” said Dent. 

The legislation enhances existing sanctions and puts in place new sanctions against entities related to Russia, Iran and North Korea.  Congressman Dent was an early cosponsor of the Russia Sanctions Review Act of 2017 (H.R. 1059) and has consistently called for the imposition of strong sanctions in response to Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

“I am pleased that Congress is asserting our voice and the voice of the American people to punish the actions of a Russian government that has repeatedly shown it is working to undermine our democracy and our alliances across the globe,” concluded Representative Dent. 

The bill passed the House by a vote of 419 to 3.  It now must be approved by the Senate, who previously passed sanctions related to just Russia by a vote of 98-2, before it is sent to the President for his signature.

Additional bill details:


  • Codifies existing sanctions against Russia regarding Ukraine, Crimea, and cyber activities;
  • Provides new sanctions against Russia’s energy sector, by prohibiting western companies from participating in Russian projects in which the Russians have a 33% stake;
  • Provides new sanctions on entities participating in Russian energy export pipelines;
  • Requires sanctions on those who do business with the Russian intelligence and defense sectors of the government;
  • Mandates a Congressional review if the sanctions are relaxed, suspended, or terminated. 


  • Provides new sanctions for individuals supporting Iran’s ballistic missile program, international terrorism, or weapons of mass destruction;
  • Provides sanctions on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard;
  • Provides additional sanctions on human rights abusers. 


North Korea

  • Increases the President’s ability to impose sanctions on those who violate the U.N. Security Council resolutions regarding North Korea;
  • Expands sanctions for North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.


Full text of bill available here.

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