(Washington, D.C.) Today and yesterday evening, the House of Representatives considered three separate measures dealing with President Obama’s Nuclear Deal.

Representative Charlie Dent (PA-15) voted against the Iran Deal (H.R. 3461 Full title: To approve the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, signed at Vienna on July 14, 2015, relating to the nuclear program of Iran.) The House rejected the Nuclear Deal by a vote of 269 to 162 (with 1 vote of “present”).

Representative Dent made the following statement on the floor of the House regarding his opposition:

Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to this bill and the underlying Iran nuclear agreement.

Despite entering these negotiations from a position of strength, the deal before us fails to achieve the goal of preventing Iran’s capacity to develop a nuclear weapon. It simply contains or manages Iran’s nuclear program.

By agreeing to a lax enforcement and inspection regime and fanciful, unrealistic “snap back” sanctions, the Administration has accepted that Iran should remain one year away from a nuclear bomb. I am not prepared to accept that.

The sanctions relief will provide Iran with billions of dollars – funds that will bolster the Revolutionary Guard and non-state militant groups.

This deal ends the conventional arms embargo and the prohibition on ballistic missile technology. Not only will this result in conventional arms flowing to groups like Hezbollah, it concedes the delivery system for a nuclear bomb.

This agreement will provide Iran with a nuclear infrastructure, a missile delivery system, and the funds to pay for it all.

By the way, the “I” in “ICBM” means “intercontinental.” I don’t believe that New Zealand and Mexico are the intended targets. The target would be us.

This deal cripples and shatters our current notion of nuclear non-proliferation. If Iran can enrich uranium, which they can do under this agreement, their Gulf Arab neighbors will likely do the same.

I do not want a nuclear arms race in the Middle East – a region of state instability and irrational non-state actors. And how will deterrence work under this scenario? I don’t want to find out.

We should not reward the Ayatollahs with billions of dollars and sophisticated weapons in exchange for temporary and unenforceable nuclear restrictions.

Mr. Speaker, I have always supported a diplomatic solution to the Iran nuclear issue, but this is a dangerously weak agreement, and I urge my colleagues to reject it.



On Friday, Dent also supported H.R. 3460, a measure to keep the sanctions against Iran in place. Thursday evening he voted for H. Res. 411, a resolution stating that the President failed to comply with the law because he did not provide the text of side deals entered into between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Iranian government to Congress.

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