Rep. Charlie Dent announced Tuesday that George McElwee, his long-serving Chief of Staff, will be leaving Dent’s office to take a new opportunity outside of federal service.  Drew Kent will be named Chief of Staff to replace Mr. McElwee.

“I would like to offer my deep appreciation and thanks to George for his many years of dedicated service,” said Congressman Dent.

Mr. McElwee has served as Rep. Dent’s Chief of Staff since the Congressman began serving in 2005.  

Dent’s office is noted for its stability and low rate of personnel change, and the Congressman credited Mr. McElwee for his role in that accomplishment. “Many offices on Capitol Hill are infamous for unstable work environments. This hasn’t been the case with our office and a lot of credit belongs to George,” continued Congressman Dent

Rep. Dent also applauded Mr. McElwee’s work in dealing with transition of the 15th District due to redistricting. “We added substantial new geography and over 200,000 new residents to the 15th district. Three additional district offices were opened and two additional district staff hired. This was done in the face of significant budget cuts,” Dent said.  “That’s a testament to George’s management,” concluded the Congressman.

Drew Kent, the Congressman’s current Senior Policy Advisor & Legislative Counsel will become Dent’s new Chief of Staff. Mr. Kent, who is 33, resides in Virginia with his wife, Laura and their children, Elizabeth and Benjamin. Mr. Kent is a 2003 graduate of Boston College and earned a JD from the Catholic University Columbus School of Law in 2009.  He has eight years of Hill experience. Prior to working for Congressman Dent, Mr. Kent served as Rep. Tom Marino’s (PA-10) Deputy Chief of Staff and Legislative Director.

“Drew has been a trusted advisor for many years and brings a wealth of experience, intelligence, and enthusiasm to the job.  I have every confidence that Drew will do an outstanding job helping me meet the needs of the constituents of the 15th District,” said Congressman Dent.

Mr. Kent begins serving in his new role on November 15th. 


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