ALLENTOWN, PA – Today, as the first Friday in October, is recognized as Manufacturing Day. This national event is designed to shine a spotlight on the manufacturing sector and its importance to local communities and the United States as a whole. Congressman Charlie Dent (PA-15) offered the following remarks on this occasion:

“There are a number of misconceptions regarding the manufacturing sector, and Manufacturing Day offers the public a chance to witness the vocational and economic contributions provided by the industry and highlight the diverse professions available within this field at both a local and national level,” Dent surmised. “In my district alone, there are 460 manufacturing facilities that provide jobs for close to 40,000 people, and they produce a wide array of products, from energy solutions to candy to medical devices. The success of manufacturing is crucial to the 15th Congressional district and thousands of Pennsylvania families. I have consistently supported efforts to spur interest and growth within our manufacturing sector, and will continue my work to establish an environment that encourages further local job creation.”

Nearly 2,500 manufacturing facilities across the country—including over a dozen from the 15th Congressional district—will be participating in Manufacturing Day by hosting tours of their operations to student groups and other members of the public. In hosting these events, companies hope to promote manufacturing as a viable vocation that encourages STEM education, American production, and technology innovation.

“Twelve percent of Pennsylvania’s gross state product (GSP) can be contributed to manufacturing, and a portion of that number can be attributed to the successful operation of the facilities here in the 15th,” Dent added. “My hope is that this national focus on manufacturing will help to inspire a new generation to pursue a career in this sector that has proven to be both innovative and beneficial to our communities.”


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