House Passes H.R. 5 – the Student Success Act

Rep. Charlie Dent (PA-15) voted today to pass H.R. 5  – the Student Success Act, which reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).  The last time ESEA, which remains the foundation for ensuring that children from low-income households and areas can receive a quality education, was reauthorized was in 2001.

“The Student Success Act emphasizes the primacy of local and state control of education and reduces the federal government’s role in the classroom. The best thing for a child in school is a dedicated teacher in every class and engaged parents who follow and encourage their child’s progress. This bill makes sure that the federal government doesn’t get in the way of either of those two important elements for educational success,” said Dent.

The Student Success Act rolls back some of the most burdensome and ineffective provisions of No Child Left Behind. For example, the new bill repeals the one-size-fits-all Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) provision. AYP metrics have been widely criticized because they fail to take into account the circumstances unique to schools across the country.

“The Student Success Act gives school districts and states real flexibility. They can develop improvement strategies tailored to fit the specific needs of their students,” Dent noted.

The Student Success Act maintains the strong federal commitment to public education but it also reflects the fiscal realities facing the country and addresses spending taxpayers’ money wisely by consolidating over 70 programs. 

“As a parent with two children still in public schools, and another child who has just gone on to college, I know how important a quality education is to providing a foundation for our children to become tomorrow’s leaders. The Student Success Act will help teachers, administrators and parents make that desire a reality for kids across the country,” Dent concluded.