(Washington, D.C.) Wednesday and Thursday the House took bipartisan action to improve our national defense against cyberattacks.

The House passed H.R. 1560, the Protecting Cybernetworks Act, by a vote of 307 to 116, and H.R. 1731, the National Cybersecurity Protection Advancement Act of 2015 by a vote of 355 to 63.

Representative Charlie Dent (PA-15) released the following statement regarding the passage of the two bills: 

“The House has passed two important pieces of legislation this week that will help increase our ability to protect consumers, companies, and the country from cyberattacks and data theft. Both of the bills are bipartisan and focus on encouraging and allowing companies to exchange – on a voluntary basis – information about cyberthreats with the federal government – specifically the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

We’ve seen the damage caused by computer attacks launched against companies, such as health insurance providers Anthem and Blue Cross. The private information of as many as 80 million people was stolen in these attacks. Similarly, the Target retail chain was targeted and the credit card information for 40 million individuals was compromised.

By encouraging the voluntary exchange of information between companies and the federal government we increase the rapidity with which defenses can be brought to bear to stop malicious actions.

The legislation also requires that the maximum effort be made to ensure the personal privacy of consumers is maintained at all times during exchanges between private companies and the NCCIC.

We must work to bolster our ability to detect and prevent cyberattacks whether they’re launched by other nations, by organized crime or by individuals. The House took an important step forward with passage of these bills. The Senate should act quickly to pass both bills.”


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