LEHIGH VALLEY, PA - Representative Charlie Dent (PA-15) released the following statement regarding the President's Executive Order restricting admission to the United States by certain immigrants and refugees.

"It is everyone’s goal to enact policies to keep Americans safe, both at home and abroad.  We also should continue to protect innocent and vulnerable people abroad, such as Christians, Yazidis and others from persecution and potential annihilation. 

Unfortunately, though, this order appears to have been rushed through without full consideration to the wide-ranging impacts it will have.  As a result, I fear that this order may imperil lives, divide families, and create uncertainty for many American businesses that operate internationally. 

Today I have been working to assist a Syrian Christian family who, according to family members in my district, held valid visas and were not refugees, yet were detained at the Philadelphia International Airport and then forced to leave the country as a result of the Executive Order.  This family now faces the uncertain prospect of being sent back to Syria. 

This is unacceptable and I urge the Administration to halt enforcement of the order until a more thoughtful and deliberate policy can be instated."


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