U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent (PA-15), a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, today visited the Philadelphia Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) to discuss the threat of homegrown terrorism in Pennsylvania. Earlier this week, the Department of Justice unsealed an indictment charging Pennsburg, PA native Colleen LaRose (aka Jihad Jane) on four counts, including conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and kill in a foreign country.

Congressman Dent met with Assistant Special Agent in Charge for Counterterrorism Doug Lindquist and other JTTF members. After the briefings, Rep. Dent issued the following statement:

“First, I am incredibly grateful for the hard work by Special Agent in Charge Fedarcyk, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Lindquist, and the men and women of Philadelphia’s Joint Terrorism Task Force that led to the successful disruption of the murderous plot, targeting an artist in Sweden, as detailed in the indictment. These men and women deserve our thanks for the sacrifices they make every day to prevent acts of terror not only here in Pennsylvania, but around the globe.

“The difficulties associated with choreographing an international investigation across continents are daunting, and yet the men and women of the JTTF, including State and local law enforcement representatives, do it every day to keep us safe.

“The Internet is an amazing tool that allows us to communicate and share ideas in ways never imagined twenty years ago. However, the same technology that connects our students with overseas libraries connects radicals with messages of hate. If homegrown terrorism can grow unchecked in a small borough like Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, it can grow anywhere.”