I was proud to be part of the bipartisan House effort today aiding the people of Ukraine who are yearning for freedom. The House passed H.R. 4152 by a vote of 385 to 23.

President Vladimir Putin must be checked. His unlawful incursion and impending annexation of Crimea to satisfy Russian territorial ambitions represent an unacceptable escalation of tensions in Europe and undermine many years of peaceful European cooperation.

Today’s effort is an important first step. Until such time as Putin de-escalates his efforts, America should take the following actions:

1.) Freeze Russian assets currently held in the United States and work with like-minded nations around the globe to do the same;

2.) Restrict the foreign travel of Russian leaders and oligarchs;

3.) Impose staunch economic sanctions on Russia;

4.) License the export of Liquefied Natural Gas which will relieve both European and Ukrainian dependence on Russian energy sources;

5.) Provide economic assistance to the Ukrainian people;

6.) Expel Russian from the G-8 and cancel participation in G-8 summit in Sochi.

President Obama and Congress must continue to work together to contain Putin’s aggression.


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