I was very disappointed that the House did not take up the issue of providing relief for victims of the Sandy Disaster after we dealt with the Fiscal Cliff legislation. Here is the statement I made on the Floor: 

(Mr. DENT asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.)

Mr. DENT. My congressional district abuts the State of New Jersey. Hundreds of thousands of people in mycongressional district were without power for some time. We were very much impacted, but what I noticed most during this terrible hurricane were all the New Jersey and New York license plates in my congressional district. We were sheltering many of the evacuees who were looking for friends and family and who were just looking to go to a place where they could be comfortable. 

I think it would be very wise for leadership to reconsider the decision to adjourn the House before dealing with this legislation. Frankly, I'm not yet convinced that this legislation has adequately addressed some of the concerns we have in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but I'm willing to work with everybody to make it right. In having witnessed what happened to our friends in New Jersey and New York, I think it's imperative that we stay here and address this issue. Obviously, all of us have places we'd like to be right now, perhaps, rather than right here, but it's important. Our friends are struggling and suffering, and I think we need to get the work done.