(Washington, D.C.) – Representative Charlie Dent (PA-15), Chairman of the House Appropriations Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee, released the following statement regarding President Obama’s veto of the Fiscal Year 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA, which has been passed for 53 consecutive years, authorizes troop pay and sets the annual priorities and budget levels for the Department of Defense.

“I’m extremely disappointed by President Obama’s decision to veto the National Defense Authorization bill. Using our servicemembers as ammunition in a political fight is wrong.

Our men and women in uniform should not have to pay the penalty for the President’s political brinksmanship.  The NDAA is an important bill that has long enjoyed bipartisan support – something that unfortunately is becoming too rare in Washington.

This bill provided the President with the full amount of his requested funding for the military.  It met the needs of our service branches to maintain a robust defense posture and confront the ever-increasing threats we face around the world.

Instead of granting our men and women in uniform a 1.3% pay raise and providing them with financial security by establishing a new 401(k)-style retirement system for the 83% of service members with less than 20 years to build up a nest egg, the President’s veto will embolden our enemies and send a morale-deflating message to our troops actively engaged in war that their welfare and safety are less important than further expanding domestic spending and federal bureaucracies.

President Obama has made a regrettable decision with this veto.  It is my hope that both the House and Senate will vote to overturn his veto and salvage this well-constructed bill.”


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