By Will Lewis, 69 News

Many people are looking for work and Congressman Charlie Dent is trying to connect potential employers with potential employees.

For the second time, Congressman Dent hosted a job fair.Seventy two different employers were on hand for the fair, but those attending said the face of the employee is changing.

There are a lot of people looking for jobs in Bethlehem.Dent said the job seeking process moves quicker when you have a lot of employers gathered in one place.

"There are jobs available. The challenge is, for an individual, do they have the right skills for the jobs that are available," he added.

"Primarily we've seen folks who are a little bit older in age," said Mike Woodland of Dan's Camera City.

Many of the people looking for jobs are not getting out of college in a month.

They are people looking for another career or big break.

And the older job seekers said it puts them at a disadvantage compared to younger workers.

"They have more time to work for a company at a longer time. Us older people we may have 20 or 30 years left, but they have 50 or 60 years," said Agnes Carter, who's seeking employment.

"They have a lot of high expectations. Unlike us, we are really just wanting to learn more and want to be established, we want to get to where they are at also," said Elizabeth Tantao, who's seeking employment.

For the older worker, many said they hear the same thing: over qualified.

"If the unemployment was two percent, I could understand that, but the unemployment rate being what it is a lot of people have to re-enter the job market," Kevin Ashner said.

People in charge of hiring said there has been a shift in the average age of a job seeker, and many times people are applying want a little more than minimum wage.

"They're ones that don't really require the 20 and in one case 34 years of experience that the gentleman had," Woodland said.

"It's funny because you send a lot of resumes out for jobs you know you have qualifications for, but there is never a phone call," Ashner added.

All of the companies at the job fair had positions available now or coming up in the near future.