(Washington, DC) The House passed H.R. 4435, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY 2015. This bill funds the American Military and other national security related programs. It passed by a large bipartisan margin in the House (325-98).

Commenting on the passage Congressman Charlie Dent (PA-15) stated: “Today the House showed its commitment to a strong defense. We also demonstrated to the men and women currently serving in uniform our resolve to provide them with the equipment, infrastructure and training necessary for them to perform their difficult duties as effectively and safely as possible.”

Dent, a strong supporter of the National Guard’s role in America’s defense structure was especially pleased by provisions in the bill that allowed the National Guard to keep its funding and mission capabilities.

“I’ve seen the National Guard in action in the Commonwealth responding to emergencies and I’m well aware of its superlative record during overseas deployments into combat zones. I was very glad that the NDAA was beneficial to the National Guard and did nothing to reduce its manpower or capabilities,” Dent added.

The bill also maintains the mandated 1.8% increase in pay for servicemen and women. “The House has determined that our men and women in uniform deserve this pay increase. Administratively, there is a possibility that President Obama could decide to rescind it, but I certainly hope he doesn’t,” concluded Dent.

Congressman Dent serves on the House Appropriations and Ethics Committees.


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